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Final Fantasy Claims

because they're ours.

FF Yaoi and Yuri Claims
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Welcome to Final Fantasy Yaoi 'n' Yuri Claims, where you can declare that your favorite yaoi and yuri couples are yours.

Please make sure to read all the rules first. ^_~


1. Your claims can only be Final Fantasy or/and Kingdom Hearts characters. No cross-overs between any of the games either since I'm allowing KH.

2. Four claims per person. You can either claim a couple or you can claim a threesome or you can claim a person. You are welcome to mix it up. For example, you can claim: Riku, Kairi, Kairi/Selphie, and Cloud/Sora/Leon (all from KH) if you wanted to. No pairing is discriminated here.

You can get an extra claim(s) if you make an icon, banner, and/or layout for the community. It depends on how generous I'm feeling and also if I accept whatever you make, so it's no guarantee.

3. If you already made a claim, and would like to change it, you can. ^^ Just post again and say what you have and what you would like to have instead. Of course, it has to be available mind you.

4. Claiming is on a "first come first serve" basis. If someone already made a claim, all I have to say is "Too bad, so sad." So no crying to me.

5. Got all that? Now all you have to do is claim. Remember to spell correctly (I'm a bad speller, help a guy out), name the game (FFX, KH, etc.), and if you're claiming a couple say if it's yaoi or yuri (I haven't played all the FF games, so idk who everyone is).

6. Check the claims list here on the info page first to make sure your claims are available.

7. No spamming. This isn't a place to pimp your community or anything else. So don't do it.

8. This is optional, but you might as well do it. :p I mean, why else even claim? If you want to, you can put up a banner and link it back here in your bio page along with your claims. Don't know how to do that? Ask the mod for help. ^^

9. Also, if I haven't responded and added your claims to the list in a timely manner, please leave a comment in my regular journal: slash_fanatic.


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~*~*~*~*~*The Claims Thus Far*~*~*~*~*~

Final Fantasy IV
Kain/Cecil are claimed by:schattenstern

Final Fantasy VII
Cloud/Sephiroth are claimed by:noin
Vincent/Sephiroth/Cloud are claimed by:noin
Sephiroth/Cloud/Zack are claimed by:sailorgalaxycat
Tseng/Reno are claimed by:sailorgalaxycat
Reno is claimed by:gothic_molly
Reno/Vincent are claimed by:gothic_molly
Reno/Cloud are claimed by:gothic_molly
Vincent/Cid are claimed by:gothic_molly
Reno/Rufus are claimed by:boooon
Vincent is claimed by:cynical_geisha
Sephiroth is claimed by:skit_chan
Cloud is claimed by:skit_chan
Reno/Rude are claimed by:topazeyes
Cloud/Vincent are claimed by:topazeyes
Zack is claimed by:stream_of_life
Cloud/Rufus are claimed by:stream_of_life
Barret/Cloud are claimed by:usedusername
Vincent/Cait are claimed by: taitofan
Vincent/Reeve are claimed by: taitofan
Elena is claimed by: chibi_pirate
Cloud/Zack are claimed by: chibi_pirate
Vincent/Sephiroth are claimed by: sepherotica
Vincent/Yazoo are claimed by: sepherotica
Reno/Yazoo are claimed by: sepherotica
Kadaj/Reno are claimed by: sepherotica
Cid/Cloud are claimed by: taitofan
Loz/Sephiroth are claimed by: airtos
VincentxCidxSephiroth are claimed by: airtos
Kadaj is claimed by: fruitsbasketgrl
Kadaj/Yazoo are claimed by: fruitsbasketgrl
Loz/Yazoo are claimed by: lightbulby

Final Fantasy VIII
Irivine/Squall are claimed by:noin
Squall/Seifer are claimed by:noin
Squall is claimed by:skit_chan
Seifer/Zell are claimed by:capitan_shibby
Zell is claimed by:capitain_shibby
Laguna is claimed by:duathkaimelar
Seifer is claimed by:duathkaimelar
Zell/Squall are claimed by:topazeyes
Zell/Squall/Seifer are claimed by:magicmidnight
Laguna/Kiros are claimed by: miz0maliki
Seifer/Laguna are claimed by: airtos

Final Fantasy IX
Kuja/Zidane are claimed by:sailorgalaxycat
Kuja is claimed by:skit_chan
Blank/Zidane are claimed by:topazeyes
Amarant is claimed by: chibi_pirate

Final Fantasy X
Wakka is claimed by:slash_fanatic
Wakka/Tidus are claimed by:slash_fanatic
Wakka/Chappu are claimed by:slash_fanatic
Luzzu/Gatta are claimed by:slash_fanatic
Auron is claimed by:limit_breaker
Jecht/Auron/Braska are claimed by:schattenstern
Luzzu/Chappu are claimed by:cynical_geisha
Seymour is claimed by:cynical_geisha
Auron/Tidus are claimed by:duathkaimelar
Auron/Rin are claimed by: miz0maliki
Jecht's ass is claimed by:limit_breaker
Rin is claimed by: blonde_youjinbo
Auron/Seymour are claimed by: airtos

Final Fantasy X-2
Gippal/Baralai are claimed by:limit_breaker
Nooj/Gippal are claimed by:schattenstern
Wakka/Tidus/Shuyin are claimed by:cynical_geisha

Final Fantasy XII
Balflear/Basch are claimed by: paako
Gabranth/Basch are claimed by: paako
Balflear is claimed by: paako
Basch is claimed by: paako
Balflear/Vaan are claimed by: chibi_pirate

Kingdom Hearts
Sora is claimed by:slash_fanatic
Sora/Tidus/Wakka are claimed by:slash_fanatic
Riku is claimed by:cynical_geisha
Sora/Riku are claimed by: miz0maliki
Cloud/Leon are claimed by: miz0maliki
Cloud is claimed by:magicmidnight
Axel/Roxas are claimed by: blonde_youjinbo
Demyx/Sora are claimed by: blonde_youjinbo
Axel is claimed by: blonde_youjinbo
Demyx is claimed by: blonde_youjinbo
Axel/Marluxia/Zexion are claimed by: taitofan


Final Fantasy VII
Aerith/Tifa are claimed by:terra_katta
Aerith is claimed by:terra_katta
Tifa is claimed by:terra_katta

Final Fantasy VIII
Quistis/Selphie are claimed by:capitan_shibby
Quistis/Xu are claimed by:dissasterific

Final Fantasy X
Yuna is claimed by:miniji
Rikku/Lulu are claimed by:miniji
Yuna/Rikku are claimed by:miniji
Lulu is claimed by:cynical_geisha
Rikku is claimed by: miz0maliki
Lucil is claimed by:dissasterific

Final Fantasy X-2
Paine/Rikku are claimed by:sailorgalaxycat
Yuna/Paine are claimed by:boooon
Paine is claimed by:boooon
Lenn is claimed by:dissasterific
Lucil/Elma are claimed by:dissasterific

Kingdom Hearts
Kairi/Selphie are claimed by:miniji
Kairi/Olette are claimed by:tasorin

[Maintained by: slash_fanatic]